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Photoshop and Illustrator has been an essential image editing software application for many years, and Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CC 19 version is the latest and greatest version. As an aspiring designer, you must familiarize yourself with image creation and editing using this software.


Course Title: Graphic Design

Course Duration: 3 Months

Number of Classes: 30

Class Time: Saturday, Monday, Wednesday – 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM

Last date of registration: January 2020

Opening Class: 15th January 2020

Course Fee: 10,000/-



RISDA Institute of Technology,

26/2, Block-C, Kaliakoir, Birulia, Savar, Dhaka.
Phone: +01777765404, 01777765407

Email address: [email protected]


Course Outline:

Become skilled at Photoshop

Getting Started in Photoshop

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Software Install
  • Finding Resources for using Photoshop
  • Creating a new Document
  • Saving your work
  • Panels and workspace
  • Screen mode
  • File types and modes
  • Using of Tools

Working with Layers

  • About Layers
  • Using the Layer panel
  • Rearranging layers
  • Layer Blending Modes
  • Layer Masking
  • Layer Adjustment
  • Applying a Layer style
  • Updating Layer Effects
  • Layer Groups
  • Layer Control

Working with Selections

  • About Selection
  • Moving a selected area
  • Using Quick Selection Tools
  • Multiplying Selection
  • Using magic wand tools
  • Selecting with the lasso tool
  • Selecting with the magnetic lasso tool
  • Rotating a selection
  • Selecting with the pen tool
  • Cropping an image and erasing with in a selection
  • Making selection based on color range
  • Background removal

Photo Correction

  • Resolution and image size
  • Resize an image
  • Crop tool
  • Auto adjustment – tone, color, contrast etc
  • Histogram- understanding information
  • Hue/saturation
  • Color balance
  • Levels
  • Black and white
  • Replacing color in an image
  • Retouching image & Retouching technique
  • Using retouching tools- clone, stamp, spot, healing brush, patch tool, blur

Working with color

  • Basic concept of color wheel
  • Color theory – RGB/CMYK
  • Saving colors swatches
  • Eyedropper tool
  • Work with paint tools
  • Create a pattern
  • Download special effected brushes and work with them
  • Working with Gradients

Typographic Design

  • About type
  • Create type on a path
  • Warping point type
  • Download fonts and install
  • Type formatting
  • Designing paragraphs of type
  • Appling effects in test

Photoshop Project

  • Manipulation
  • Clipping Path
  • Recover a damaged image
  • Image masking
  • Design a Facebook cover page
  • Create a web banner Ads
  • Flyer design
  • Brochure design
  • Business card design
  • Personal portfolio design
  • PSD template design for website
  • Poster design
  • Leaflet design


Become skilled at Illustrator

Design Basics

  • Introduction to Victor Art
  • Using Workspaces
  • Using Rulers & Guides
  • Using the grid

Files and Navigations

  • Creating a new document
  • Editing Art boards
  • Zooming with Illustrator
  • Working with File Types
  • Using Templates

Selecting Tools and Aligning Objects

  • Using the Selection Tool
  • Using the Direct Selection Tool
  • Creating selections with the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting similar objects
  • Aligning Objects
  • Distributing objects
  • Aligning to the artboard
  • Working with groups
  • Group items
  • Working in isolation mode
  • Adding a group
  • Object arrangement
  • Arrange objects
  • Selecting objects behind
  • Applying selection techniques

Drawing & Editing

  • Applying selection techniques
  • Understanding drawing modes
  • Changing stroke width and alignment
  • Joining paths
  • Using width tool
  • Outlining strokes
  • Combining and editing shapes
  • Working with the Shape Builder tool
  • Working with the shape modes
  • Using the Eraser tool
  • Using Image Trace to create shapes
  • Cleaning up traced artwork

Working with the Pen Tools

  • Adding and Removing Anchor Points
  • Using the Curvature Tool
  • Converting Anchor Points
  • Joining and Breaking Apart Paths

Working with Text

  • Resizing type objects
  • Formatting type
  • Changing the Font Color
  • Changing additional text attributes
  • Typesetting
  • Threading Text
  • Using the Area Type Tool
  • Placing Text on a Path
  • Using the Touch Type
  • Converting Text to Curves
  • Creating Text Outlines


Advanced Tools & Techniques

  • Graphing Tools
  • Using the Blob Brush
  • Using the Width, Warp & Twirl Tools/Symbol Tools/Mesh Tools
  • Using the Shape Builder Tool
  • Applying Illustrator Effects
  • Working with Isolation Mode
  • How to create Clipping Masks
  • Using the Perspective Grid

Illustrator Project

  • Create a Cartoon
  • Card Design
  • Logo Design
  • Icon Design for Website
  • Calendar Design
  • Packet Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Banner Design
  • Book cover Design
  • T-shirt Design




  • Candidates must have minimum H.S.C/Diploma/bachelor’s degree or equivalent certification.
  • Basic Computer & Internet Surfing Knowledge
  • Good at English to be more professional


Section 1 - Course Outline (Photoshop & Illustrator)

  • Getting Started in Photoshop
  • Working with Layers
  • Working with Selections
  • Photo Correction
  • Working with color
  • Typographic Design
  • Photoshop Project
  • Design Basics of Illustrator
  • Files and Navigation
  • Selecting Tools and Aligning Objects
  • Drawing & Editing
  • Working with the Pen Tools
  • Working with Text
  • Advanced Tools & Techniques
  • Illustrator Project

About Instructor

  • Imran


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6 Reviews

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