Advance Graphics Design 

Course Outline:

Adobe Photoshop

Class 1 : Introduction To The Graphics Design And Software.(B.A.P)

What is graphics design?

What is Photoshop?

About Photoshop How its Works

Class 2 : Microsoft Office application . (B.A.P)

Basic Things Of Ms Word

Ms Word Document Type

Class 3 : Bangla Typing.(B.A.P)

Bijoy Bayanno

Avro Keyboard 

Class 4 : Using Of Adobe Photoshop . (B.A.P

How It Works?

How To Control It?

Page Sizing.

How To make Shape?

Using Of Color

How To Use Tools?

How To use canvas? ETC.

Class 5 : Practice Class & Problem Solving c2-c4.

Class 6 :Different Size Of Image. (B.A.P)

Passport Size Image

Stamp Size Image

3*4inch Image

5*7 inch Image

8*8 inch Image

Class 7 : Background Remove. (B.A.P)

Clipping Path

Product Background Remove

Neck joint

Class 8 : Background Remove. (B.A.P)


Rater to vector image

Color correction

Class 9 : Manipulate Closet .  (B.A.P)

Neck Joint

Hand Joint

Cloths Manipulate 

Class 10 : Practice Class & Problem Solving c6-c9.

Class 11 : Hair Masking. (B.A.P)

Channel Masking 

Extract Masking

Color Range Masking 


Class 12 : Retouching. (B.A.P)

Image  Retouching

High-End Image Retouching

Class 13 : Retouching. (B.A.P)

Product  Retouching

Fixing  Image

Class 14 : Editing. (B.A.P)

Image Editing

Product Editing

Image Manipulation

E-commerce image Editing

Class 15 : Documents Editing. (B.A.P)

Important Document Edit.

Fix any documents

Make documents

Class 16 : Create Different Types of Shadow. (B.A.P)

Drop Shadow

Reflection Shadow

Class 17 : Practice Class & Problem Solving c11-c16.

Class 18 : Practice Class & Problem Solving Of Adobe Photoshop.


Adobe Illustrator


Class 19 : Introduction Of Adobe Illustrator. (B.A.P)

What is illustrator?

About illustrator How its Works 

How To Control It?

Page Sizing.

How To make Shape?

Using Of Color.

How To Use Tools?

How To use Artboard? ETC.

Class 20 : Business Card Design. (B.A.P)

Simple Card Design

Professional  Card Design

Client Requirements Design

Class 21: Banner Design. (B.A.P)

Bangla/English Banner design

Social Media Banner Design

Promotional Banner Design

Class 22 : Practice Class & Problem Solving c19-c21.

Class 23: Logo Concept. (B.A.P)

Institutional Logo

Brand Logo

Symbol logo

Abstract Logo 

Class 24 : Product Packaging. (B.A.P)

Different  Types of Product packaging 

Food packaging (p.s)

Class 25 : T-Shirt Design. (B.A.P)

T-shirt mockup

T-shirt Design

Class 26: Flyer Design. (B.A.P)

Landscape  Flyer Design

Portrait Flyer Design

1:2:3 Part Flyer Design

Class 27 : Practice Class & Problem Solving c23-c27.

Class 28: ID Card Design. (B.A.P)

Student Id Card Design

Stuff Id Card design/Others

Class 29 : Certificate Design. (B.A.P)

Institutional Certificate Design

Professional  Certificate Design

Client Requirement Design 

Class 30: Menu Design. (B.A.P)

Simple Menu Card Design 

Restaurant  Menu Design

Professional  Menu Design

Class 31 : Illustration. (B.A.P)

Nature Illustration

Human  Illustration

Cartoon Illustration

Class 32 : Resume Design. (B.A.P

Simple Resume Design

Professional Resume Design

Class 33 : Brochure Design. (B.A.P)

Trifold  Brochure Design 

Fourfold Brochure Design 

Class 35 : Practice Class & Problem Solving c19-c21.

Class 34 : Review Class Of Photoshop & Illustrator.

Class 36 :  Final Class.

Instructor :Mizna Siddiqee (B.Sc in CSE Eastern University and level 2 Graphics Design)+Md Jashim Uddin

Class Time :Sun,Tu,Th at 10 to 12AM

Course fee :10000Tk